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Peace… February 4, 2009

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For You have been a refuge for me,
A tower of strength… Psalm 61:3

When we lived in Virginia several years ago, we helped to plant Harborpointe Community Church—a small church in Hampton whose goal is to be a ‘refuge of hope’ for the community. Every Friday mornings, the ladies would meet at Sally’s house for the women’s ‘refuge group’ (bible study). And wow did we look forward to this after a frenzied week. Many moms would pull up to the house at 10 am (45 minutes late, of course)—kids in tow. ‘Skipper’, a little blonde 2.5 year old, would be SCREAMING (or at least, at the time, I thought it was screaming—until I had my own 2.5 year old boy…) And Jackie, a sweet (yet determined) 4 year old, might be crying at the car, frustrated because she wanted to undo her own seatbelt. And I would be thinking about a huge law exam coming up—or cursing my neighbors who had dogs w/ incessant night barking. A single mom of 3 infants, not even yet 30 years old, was newly widowed and still shocked by the grief. Another young single mom with 2 teenagers would be stressing about how to get a new job, finish up undergraduate school herself, and send her daughter to college. And yet another would be worried about her electric being turned off, not knowing exactly where her husband was or when he was coming home…or whether he would have squandered his paycheck on… ?

But despite the chaos each of us was personally experiencing, we’d all stop at the door of Sally’s house, breathe a sigh of relief, step inside to a calming atmosphere, where someone would greet the moms and take the kids upstairs to the playroom. And we’d all grab a cup of coffee and a pastry, head into the comfy cozy sunroom, settle into the soft couch, and just bask in the peace. Sally’s house was always a place of peace for us. Ahhhh—this must be the way God intended it. The way God intended ‘home’ to be.

doma recognizes that there are many obstacles to peace, joy, and stability in homes. doma means home in several languages (domicile, dome, doma…). And doma strives to redefine home for those whose definition of home is yet incomplete.

When doma launched this summer, 4 members of doma’s founding family spent a week to reflect on scripture, and we took note whenever home was mentioned or heaven was referred to. The way it was intended to be… doma seeks to redefine home.

Home is…

a cool oasis
free from danger
filled with laughter
without sorrow
where the voiceless break into song
a priceless inheritance
a future
inexpressible and glorious joy

So whatever your obstacles may be to peace, joy, and stability…the very real obstacles that we all experience in varying degrees… enjoy the small moments where you just know this is how it was ‘intended’ to be. And let’s continue to share those moments and seek to remove these obstacles in the lives of others.

And oh yes– of course, home is peace…
Sally’s got that one down!

Read some of the passages below for doma’s definition of home—
Isaiah 35 Rev. 21:27 1 Peter 1:3 I Peter 5:10 I Peter 1:8


One Response to “Peace…”

  1. Jackie Carlson Says:

    Wow…I got such a sense of peace from reading this entry. I love the concept of home and all the words you use to define it. When I have heard you talk about doma, I didn’t realize what the name meant. Now I have a better sense of what you are trying to do. I look forward to following this blog and learning more of what you want to do for others through doma. Meanwhile I will check out those passages for doma’s definition of home!

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