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generosity… February 25, 2009

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We leave in one week for Uganda!  eek!  This will be my first trip to Africa- and my first experience with a medical team.   When I think of doctor’s offices, I think of all the times I’ve fainted– once giving blood in high school, once getting a Hep vaccine at work (I don’t think I ever finished the series), and once in Walgreens when I was pregnant with Judah (funny story- ask me some day).

So you can imagine my surprise when I started recruiting for doma’s first Africa trip– when a good friend of mine, Amber Kaufman asked:  ‘can I take a medical team with us?’   I told her that I knew the need was great and that I didn’t see why not  (which is how most significant decisions have happened in my life…)

I gently reminded her that doctors and lawyers don’t always mix…(haha)- but that I’d be happy to facilitate it…  and viola-  we have a trip with 5 doctors (an MD’s, some JD’s, some PHD’s)- 1 PA, 1 ARNP,  several RN’s–and a theologian!  What a blast!  That’s a lot of ‘letters’ that total a group of amazing people who want to serve in their area of expertise.  Many have raised money for their trip.  Some will dip into their savings.  And all are taking precious vacation time to donate their time, resources, (and ‘letters’)-  to hundreds of people who have little to no access to medical care in Uganda.  What amazing generosity!

In addition to this, doma has been provided with money donations totaling close to $6,000  for necessary medicine for this trip, a Uganda prenatal care center, and for nutritional and educational needs of PACE Children’s Center in Uganda, and mosquito nets for the orphanages we will visit!    CBC Youth Groups in Indiana raised around  $1000 for VITAMINS!  And Amber, our medical team lead has secured around $15,000 retail value of medicine for about 10% of the retail cost!      Now, do you think the airlines will waive the baggage fees for us?  That’s my project for today.

I’d much rather share vision than give shots, that’s for sure!  Perhaps on the trip I’ll stay conscious if I stay behind the camera…  I could probably take blood pressure, too… right?    Check back next week for video blogs and photos of our clinics!

To all doma providers:  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!   You are helping to remove obstacles to peace and joy in the lives of children and adults who desperately need a healing touch.


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