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The clinics March 31, 2009

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Hello All!  Many of you have heard that Dan and I have made a transition to Columbus, OH… home sweet home for him, and closer to my home sweet home of Buffalo, NY.   We are in the midst of boxes and more boxes– but next week should be a more ‘regular’ week for us.  😉

In the meantime, stay posted on Erica’s blog.  She’s the traveler I highlighted right before our trip.  She has recapped  several of our clinic days.

While Megan, Jerry, Jes, and I were there to assess long term relationships with various children’s centers that have asked for doma’s help–  the rest of the team was assessing the medical needs of the children and surrounding community through daily clinics.   Several days, the four of us non-medical professionals were pulled in every direction– in meetings with local leaders, making lunch runs (we didn’t have poptarts and coke EVERY day! haha), escorting kids to the hospital, and even helping in the pharmacy!  But I couldn’t believe how hard the medical professionals worked.   They would step into their little rooms early, and many would refuse to resurface until close-down time.  (Some would even get upset with me for turning people away!)   It was amazing to see their dedication and persistence, even when they were overwhelmed by the needs they were encountering  (and the swarms of people.)  We would arrive back to the hotel after a long day, and I honestly couldn’t imagine how everyone would muster the strength to do it again in just a few hours.  Anyone who calls a service trip a ‘vacation’ needs to come on a doma medical trip next time!  whew!

Erica has posted some great snippets of the locations we visited.   I’ll be back soon!


Peace and Joy!


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