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A new word for prostitution: Victim June 29, 2009

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A new word for prostitution:  Victim

This is a great article in the Columbus Dispatch about Human Trafficking.  For those of you who aren’t from Columbus, Hilliard is the typical suburban America.  Development after development on old farmland– plazas interspersed between, a few churches, and mostly homogenous.   This is the ‘safe’ America that we often think is sheltered from front page newsworthy stories.

doma has been exploring a relationship with a Columbus Human Trafficking shelter.  Each night, the director sees homeless minors tossed out into the street by a local day shelter– and she knows that early intervention is key.   The young women the director works with, some just 19 years old, could have escaped years of abuse, exploitation, and horrors, if only someone got to them sooner.   A study conducted from this day shelter on 180 of these Columbus youth, places 73% as caucasian,  1/3 of them female, and all of them at risk for being trafficked.   doma’s mission is to intervene early in the lives of these homeless youth, to prevent them from falling victim to Human Trafficking/Prostitution.  Stay posted as this partnership takes shape in the next few months.


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