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riots and miracles September 17, 2009

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This week I am praying for miracles and against riots.  Doma is scheduled to send a medical team to Uganda in late October/early November– but the US Dept of State has issued a travel warning until Nov. 10th due to the riots and arrests and unrest.  The situation has stabilized…for now.  There is still the potential for backlash against the 600 arrests– (450 were charged) and or for things to escalate without warning.   Among those arrested is the  Mityana town councillor as a potential leader of the riots. Mityana is a beautiful town that doma  visited and hosted a free medical clinic for the village and children of LOCH (Little Ones of Christ Home).  This upcoming trip was scheduled to host 2 clinics in villages where we anticipate launching a prenatal and early childhood care center.  Particularly challenging about postponing this trip means we are also postponing an opportunity to visit and inspect a local clinic we were hoping to purchase to house the center.  It was offered to doma for $13,000– and we were hoping to make a decision about it next month.  This may be delayed if our team is unable to go.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as doma leadership might have to postpone this trip.

Also, another team is headed to The Ukraine on October 1st. Over $20,000 in infant supplies and baby bouncer seats have been donated and are on their way to Ukraine as we speak.  The shipment is scheduled to arrive on October 1st– but is expected to remain in customs for over 3 weeks!  Eek! Our plan was to deliver this shipment as we make significant connections with orphanage directors, staff, other local nonprofits, and government officials.  I am praying for a MIRACLE when we arrive!  And if the shipment is not released miraculously, then I pray for another group of travelers (and a trip leader) to step forward eagerly to distribute these items in the spring.  (Along with the necessary funds required to store the shipment for several months while another trip is planned).  Let me know if you’re interested in getting on that email list!  (julie@domaconnection.org)  Now that we will most likely be traveling to the orphanages and babyhouses without gifts in hand, we will also have to raise an additional $500-$1000 to purchase and/or transport infant and toddler supplies once we get there.

Visit domaconnection.org to donate via check.

Thank you for praying with us regarding these challenging situations that doma is facing!  Either way- I know that God can work through any situation– and I expect great things to happen on both trips.

Now I am off to purchase infant and toddler supplies for a visit with my very close friends from the DC area this weekend… We will be housing 6 infants and toddlers (ranging in age from 3 months to 5 years)– an expectant mommy (not me!) and her hubby… all in a 1000 square foot, 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in Columbus.  Whew!  Yes, we are crazy! And we love every minute of it!


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