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come along on Doma’s first trip to Ukraine September 30, 2009

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This is Dan writing you this morning… Julie and I, along with our 3 month old beauty, Sadie, are heading to Ukraine on Thursday for Doma’s first trip to Eastern Europe since we began our ministry last year.  Of course, Julie and I have been to that part of the world more than a dozen times in the past with other organizations.

Please subscribe to this blog, Dan’s blog, follow Dan on twitter, and keep your eyes and ears out for updates from the field.  Pass this along to friends and family who would enjoy joining the journey as well.  There’s bound to be an adventure awaiting us (think Russian prisons, caviar, bathhouses, soccer, and the chance to see the light of God’s love fill a room!)

Friends, or should I say comrades, of Doma are joining us.  The team is…

Jennifer Cameron is a vital part of the Doma team.  She started and operates a ministry called Into the Field, which provides marketing, logistics, and event planning services to ministries and non-profits.  She and Julie connected shortly after we moved to Columbus and they’ve been teaming up ever since (follow the link to check out Doma’s charity running team?  Wanna run?)

Tiffany Crawford is a young and strong attorney who is known to get fashion compliments from judges.  She and Julie attended Regent Law together, she and her husband were in our young couples small group, Embrace, for a time.  She has two men in her life: one really tall, and one kinda short (he is only 2 yrs. old after all – give him time).

Matt Croskey is a new friend of ours.  We met him and his family, Georgeann, Grace and Jack before he knew that I was the new minister at his church.  Luckily after finding that out, they still agreed to be our friends.  He’s a Captain in the Air Force, a Buckeyes fan, and inferior to me in the game of cornhole.

Jerry Kaufman is Doma’s board VP, and a high school friend of mine (we met when he was a jock and I was a hippie).  He met his wife at my wedding.  Jerry is a scholar and a gentleman… well… his better half is clearly…

Amber Kaufman is Doma’s medical director, and a high school friend of mine who met her husband at my wedding.  Amber is a Nurse Practitioner and has served medical needs in India and Uganda, as well as in Orlando where she and Jerry live and regularly visit Mickey Mouse and his cronies.

Megan Lindsey is Doma’s board secretary and also a Regent Law grad with Julie and Tiffany.  We have traveled the world with Megan – France in the summer of 2005, Russia in the spring of 2007, Uganda in the spring of 2009, and now Ukraine.  How does she find time to be an attorney and mediator in Michigan with all of this globe-trotting?

Tracy Miller is a Texan exiled in Chicago… or a Chicagoan who happens to be from Texas.  She lives in that great city with her very talented husband, an artist who is on exhibit now at the Ukrainian Museum of Modern Art in Chicago.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Kevin Palys and I met when we played on the same rec soccer team as undergrads at Valpo, Los Matadores.  He’s married to an MD who happens to be Jerry’s sister.  You can see that Doma is a family affair.  He is a broadcast engineer with CBS and owner and manager of PettingZoo Pictures, an independent film company based in LA.

Julie and I round out this rag-tag bunch.  We’re looking forward to a great 10 days coming face to face with a beautiful culture and the children who inhabit it.


2 Responses to “come along on Doma’s first trip to Ukraine”

  1. Sandi Says:

    Praying for you guys as you go. Looking forward to hearing about what God does through you.

  2. Marty Cameron Says:

    We’re praying for your team as you embark on this wonderful journey. This morning at Women of the Word, after I offered a corporate prayer which included your team, a woman from another church came up with her daughter in law – a pediatrician from the Urkaine who has been here since 6/09. She was very excited to hear of your mission and anxious to meet you all. God’s blessings to you!
    P.S. Please tell Jen I can’t figure our how to respond to her blog.

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