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Ethiopia team off! Team up! October 30, 2009

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After a brief encounter with airport police paging Amber over the loudspeaker, the team was off to Ethiopia! (Some of the medicine was in ‘suspicious’ packaging’– which warranted a ‘show me your papers’ incident… haha).

I’ll be sure to keep you posted whenever I hear from Amber. As part of their itinerary, they would be walking several (cold) miles up a mountain (with heavy medical equipment and medicine) to reach a small village… So I’m not sure how much access they’ll have to internet or texting. Want to be involved, but don’t necessarily want to walk up a mountain while jet-lagging? Read on…

Doma is officially beginning registration for our “Team Up 4 Orphans” walking/running team fundraiser. Going into the holidays is a great time to sign up for Doma’s official running team. It helps to keep the focus off of the over-indulgences that permeate our November and December– and gives us a reason to think about orphaned children as we train every day! Team Up’s team coach, Lisa Rainsberger (Weidenbach), is the champion of marathons worldwide (including the Boston marathon– and even one in Japan!)– and can be your personal running/walking coach starting today! Visit teamup4orphans.org to read about the event and our coach– and to register! All money raised will go toward programs (food, clothing, bible studies, maternal care, etc.) for the children that Doma serves. Some proceeds can even go toward YOUR future international trip with Doma. Contact our Team Up Director to find out more: Jennifer@teamup4orphans.org.

I hope to see you all at the Capital City half marathon in May!

Pray for our Ethiopia team today! The last medical trip served hundreds and hundreds of orphaned children, and laid the foundation for critical long term relationships with them. Peace to You!


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