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Ethiopia update– bags and long johns! November 2, 2009

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Well, the baggage drama didn’t end in the US, unfortunately. However, the medicines were finally released recently, and the team is back on track!

News from our in-country partners:

“Things are going really well for them. Even without getting the meds from the airport until today, they were able to do two clinics this weekend. They did one at an organization called Hope For Children, which works with streetkids and orphaned and vulnerable children, and one yesterday at Strong Hearts, a new organization set up in a leprosy community where absolute poverty and despair are the norm. Both of those organizations are EXTREMELY grateful and would love to keep in touch with you guys. Just a few weeks ago, the local staff of Strong Hearts had been praying for a medical team to come out to help their kids, and the next day they received the email about Doma. God knew what was up, clearly.

They are a day “behind,” but have the meds and are doing really well being flexible and rolling with some plan changes. They’ll drive south to Arba Minch tomorrow, which is about 10 hours, but is functional, and then do three days of clinics in some villages. They’re all ready to go with their fleece and long johns, which they’ll appreciate on the mountains.

They’ll give you the stories, but I did really want to emphasize how grateful everyone is that they’re here. It was a rush to organize things, but it’s so clear that God’s been working things out for quite awhile to make this happen. Glad I could partner with you guys on this one!”

Thanks to the team’s friends, family, and doma supporters for making this trip happen! Can’t wait to hear of the specific stories of the people they are interacting with! I get chills just thinking about it!


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