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What can I DO for Haiti?? Team Up! January 23, 2010

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It has been awful to watch what is going on in Haiti this week and last.  Many feel they can’t make a difference in a place so torn apart by poverty and disaster, but you can! It’s time to turn off your TV’s, computers, and iPhones– and get up and MOVE for Haiti.  Every day for the next 3 months, you can make a difference in the lives of orphaned children in Port-au-Prince.

How? Team Up 4 Orphans around the world and in Haiti:

Train to walk OR run the Columbus Capital City 5K or half marathon from whatever city you live in!  Join a team of passionate advocates who care about the long term effects of this quake- and the early intervention of orphaned and vulnerable children all over the globe.   Half of everything you raise will go toward long term orphan care in Port au Prince, with the other half going toward doma orphan care programs in Ethiopia, Uganda, Ukraine, and Russia.

If you don’t think you can run, then join the team as a CHEERLEADER this year!   You can still get your fundraising site and have access to all team privileges.

It’s easy!  By February 1st,

1)    shoot our event coordinator an email  (Jennifer@teamup4orphans.org) with your commitment to the team.
2)    within 1 day, you will receive your personal fundraising site, the paperwork to register for the race, and immediate access to a world class athlete and experienced coach to help make this a successful event for you.
3)    If you’re really anxious to begin, download the forms from domaconnection.org home page and sign/scan/send to Jennifer@teamup4orphans.org.

Either way, it’s time to move.

Welcome to the Team!


To check out the fundraising site, visit:

Team Up Donations

For more info about the team, the commitment, and the coach, read below and visit Teamup4orphans.org.

While we will only hold you responsible for the anticipated $500 expenses to have you on the team, we encourage you to raise as much as you can!!

Here are some examples of what $2000 can do around the world through doma initiatives:

*Provide one year of support for a Ukrainian mom to be reunited with an infant that she abandoned to an infant home out of desperation.
*Provide medicine and vitamins for a traveling clinic that would serve thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children and moms in Ethiopia or Uganda.
*Provide one year of support for a Russian orphan who has become pregnant, yet courageously chosen to keep her baby, and is striving to have a healthy family.
*Provide food for 100 orphaned and vulnerable children for 6 months in Ethiopia or Uganda.


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