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Prostitutes, pain, and the presence of God… May 30, 2010

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The front page of the Columbus Dispatch today has an amazing, amazing article about the women that doma serves here in Columbus… women who have been caught up in Human Trafficking and the Sex Trade. Women who are bold, courageous, and standing together for lasting change.

TODAY Doma opens up the CATCH house for them! A 5 bedroom, beautiful old retreat home- fully furnished and completely restful. For now, the home will be used for gatherings outside of the courthouse- and for special events, retreats, life skills classes, and spiritual mentorship.

TOMORROW we stock it with food from a generous donation of a restaurant in Hilliard that is closing down.

NEXT WEEK we plant a garden together and begin gathering.

CAN YOU imagine the JOY I am feeling today knowing that you have all made it possible for doma to open this house for them!? I will update you this week with more news as we begin meeting in the house. Believe me when I say that these women are truly amazing! The Judge’s compassion is all Christ motivated– and WOW, is that courtroom full of the presence of God like I’ve never felt before.



2 Responses to “Prostitutes, pain, and the presence of God…”

  1. stacylphillips Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I stumbled across your blog as I was looking up information on the CATCH program. I am a part of a ministry called SIFI (stands for (Sanctifying Influence for Future Investment) and we are currently working on starting a transitional home for women in the Springfield, OH area. We’re looking at any women who are caught up in unhealthy lifestyles, including human trafficking, addiction, abuse, etc. I would love to converse with you more about your involvement with doma and the CATCH program.

    God Bless,

    Stacy Phillips

  2. Just came across your blog through Linwood Ministries. Great stuff! I grew up in Ethiopia and Finland, so when I read you have a heart for Russia and Ethiopia, I just had to check your blog out! I will be following your updates regularly from now on, the work you do sounds amazing. Keep it up!!

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