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sippie cups and Starbucks cups… July 21, 2010

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Top 10 ways you know that being a human rights activist and a mom of 3 infants & toddlers are of high importance in your household…

1) Instead of keeping my kids away from ‘bad influences’, all three have been watched and/or held by former prostitutes, recovering addicts, orphaned children, and HIV positive men, women, and children.

2) My children have passport pictures that were taken when they were under 6 months old.

3) Since pregnant women can’t take malaria meds, I have been known to be dressed head to toe covered up in 90 degree weather in Africa, trying to ward off malaria-bearing mosquitoes.

4) In the console of my car, I have sippie cups and Starbucks cups. Under the seat I have flip flops and high heels. In the trunk I have suit skirts and bathing suit coverups. In the dash, I have a zoo pass and a list of jail visiting hours.

5) My current diaper bag says “Abolitionist” on it.

6) I have product (red) onesies from birth-2T.

7) I have suits from Ann Taylor sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, and most recently, 8!

8) My son (biological) once asked me if I remembered the time he was once a Russian orphan… ??

9) All 3 kids are named after the Beatles, who are known as political and peace activists. (Lucy, Jude, Sadie Natalya)

10) I was once laughed at by 2 nonprofit directors– One thought it was hilarious that I offered to ‘open up’ Ethiopia for him. Another, when I told him I wanted a job like his, responded sarcastically that he doesn’t “actually HOLD the babies”. And so instead, I opened up Ethiopia for my nonprofit, while also always make it a priority to hold EVERY baby I can in the villages/orphanages we work- -while also holding MY OWN 3 babies. What a life!!!

P.S. I almost accompanied each of these with pictures to prove them all, but thought that might be too ‘lawyerey’ to document the evidence–


One Response to “sippie cups and Starbucks cups…”

  1. Anya Says:

    “My son (biological) once asked me if I remembered the time he was once a Russian orphan… ??” That is too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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