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anti-human trafficking awareness, hope and healing in survivors, social enterprise efforts, and preventing orphans!


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So far we have raised $7,000 toward this matching grant opportunity! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR GENEROSITY! Below is more information about doma and our efforts with CATCH court.

Doma, a faith-based nonprofit in Columbus, Ohio, exists to redefine home for vulnerable women who have been trapped in a life of Human Trafficking and street prostitution. Last week, doma was challenged with an opportunity to increase their efforts by $54,000 for the women they serve in Columbus who are participants in Judge Herbert’s CATCH program, a special docket prostitution court. By January 1, they must raise up to $27,000, and an anonymous donor will donate a gift that doubles those efforts, for a grand total of $54,000!

Read below to learn more about these amazing women, and prayerfully consider making a gift toward this opportunity to fight Human Trafficking and restore victims to lead full lives as survivors! Contact doma’s team at Julie@domaconnection.org or 614-648-3662 if you’d like to meet with one of us for more information. Read up about doma’s efforts worldwide and donate a tax deductible gift via check or online at domaconnection.org. Hear more about what happens at CATCH court on doma’s blog, julieannclark.com

doma exists…

to embrace and empower vulnerable women and children whose homes have been filled with anger, abuse, hostility, pain, and injustice– so that they may experience ‘home’ more complete and whole than what they have experienced in life so far. We seek to build bridges to the peace, comfort, and stability found in God’s definition of ‘home’, rebuilding and restoring broken communities.

The Challenge:

In America, the average age of entry into the sex trade is 12 to 14.
Prostitution is not a victimless crime. Women engaged in soliciting have typically been victims of years of violence, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, untreated mental health issues, unemployment, homelessness, and dangerous exposure to street life. They have been exploited, neglected, and abused — resulting in complex needs.

CATCH’s Response:

Judge Paul Herbert of Franklin County Municipal Court responded to this cry after years of meeting women in court who were caught up in Human Trafficking. CATCH (Changing Actions to Change Habits) is an innovative, voluntary, two-year program to help ladies trapped in the sex trade. It utilizes a restorative-justice approach to helping ladies through support, encouragement, and accountability. It truly meets the needs of ladies in recovery, and fosters a healthy environment for wholeness and restoration.

Doma’s Response:

Doma International is a 501(c)3 organization based in Columbus, Ohio committed to embracing children and empowering women and families. Doma works with vulnerable women and orphaned children in Eastern Europe, East Africa, and locally. Doma launched Project Green Light to equip local communities to combat underground red light districts and human trafficking in central Ohio through awareness, education, and support.

CATCH is Doma’s US ConnectionPoint. Offered alongside of recovery, accountability, and support through CATCH, the 30 ladies in the program may choose to participate in restorative events, times of nourishment and renewal, therapeutic hobbies, and spiritual mentorship, as well as receive daily necessities provided by Doma.

Additionally, Doma has acquired a retreat home east of Columbus. At this doma Bloom! home, the ladies attend AA meetings, trauma-based groups, and has become ‘home’ for them as it provides a safe and sober location for these restorative events. In Phase II, the Bloom! Home will add a residential element for ladies in transition from the streets or incarceration and into a new and free life. By embracing and empowering these vulnerable women, Doma is seeing lives and generations changed. Join us as we redefine home.

Your Response:

______We would like to provide for one or more CATCH ladies at
$184/month/lady (or $2208/year/lady).

______We would like to give toward operation of the Bloom! Home in the
amount of $______/month/year. The estimated annual budget for Phase I is $15,000, and $150,000 for Phase II.

______We would like to provide an initial gift in the amount of $______.

______We would like to provide gifts-in-kind or volunteers (including
hosting restorative events for the ladies).

______We would like to learn more about how our church/business/small group can become a Project Green
Light community, committed to Human Trafficking awareness, education, and support.



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