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Tattoos of slavery April 20, 2011

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The Auschwitz tattoo on the forearms of survivors serves as an incessant and harrowing reminder of slavery. In the same way, the survivors of human trafficking that doma works with are constantly reminded by past remnants of being enslaved. Whether it be the name of their pimp/boyfriend/dope boy/perpetrator in huge block letters across their shoulders and necks, or tear drops and other gang symbols on their faces, these courageous ladies are coming forward and asking us to help them get rid of these constant triggers and reminders of their lack of freedom…and daily reminders of the pimp or boyfriend or gang leader who first used force/fraud/or coercion to get them to sell their bodies for the perpetrator’s own repulsive profit. (If you didn’t catch it, that is THE LEGAL Definition of Human Trafficking!!) Since now they are living free lives of survivors… they should no longer have to wear the branding marks of imprisonment.

Thank you to those of you who responded so quickly to these pleas. Your compassion and care have overwhelmed us!

In the last day or so, I’ve learned way more about tattoo removal than I could have ever thought imaginable! Looks like we need to bring our ladies in for estimates. Could be $300, could be $1000, depending on location and size. One lady who is living in the doma Bloom! house has a small one on her face. A few other ladies have them on their necks. At court on Thursday, I’ll set up a consultation date with those who need them removed– and then I’ll publish the entire estimated cost for any designated giving. These next two weeks, any giving at domaconnection.org will go toward the tattoo removal. And if there is extra, we’ll use it for our daily doma Bloom! program costs:

We support over 25 survivors with daily necessities, doctor visits, glasses, legal consultation for child reunification, transportation, life skills classes, and mentorship– plus another 3 or 4 ladies per month live at our doma Bloom! home and receive intensive, specialized care with chemical dependency counselors, social workers, and case managers–not to mention all the living costs for the survivors. (The resident status is fluid depending on relapse, detox, mental health status of ladies waiting for placement, and the mental health status of doma employees–haha-joke!…another blog on this another time– it’s been a crazy year!)

In the meantime, if you know of a Columbus dermatologist/laser specialist (?) who wants to donate the removal, then send them my way! THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING, overwhelming facebook response to this need! You ROCK!

Ahh– I still have to tell you all about our trip to Russia/Ukraine. A taste of what’s to come: key faith-based leaders have approached doma to begin an anti-human trafficking program for incarcerated survivors in partnership with the government. They are SICK of their status as being a top recruitment country. We’re sick of it too! And I’m pretty certain that God is sick of it too! We’ll be looking for major church and business partners to help with this one!


One Response to “Tattoos of slavery”

  1. BJ Says:

    Great work Doma! This is tremendously important — we’re with you: these woman survivors need these constant reminders of their imprisonment removed. Keep up the good fight!

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