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Freedom!! May 8, 2011

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Yesterday will go down in history as one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE doma days! As the alarm went off at 5:45 for doma’s charity running team at the Cap City 1/2 (and for those of you who know my night owl tendencies– you know what a sacrifice that was!!), I didn’t realize what a special day it would be. I love surprises like that!

The team was energized and well-fed from the pasta dinner the night before. We had 40 volunteers from Covenant Church to man a water table at mile 11. Several of our survivors came out to pitch in, as well. As Dan and I TOGETHER crossed the finish line after our 5K, (yes, we downgraded from the 1/2 last year!)– we thought we’d go say hi to the water table (a few miles away!) And it was THERE that I was amazed. Amazed that this group of volunteers,wearing our doma Team Up shirts still had smiles and energy and encouraging words. And among them, our survivors were jumping and cheering on the runners with such beauty. At one point, a brand new 21 year old resident of doma’s Bloom! home, just out of jail the day before, pulled me aside to share her thoughts:

“I can’t believe all these people came out to support doma– to support ME– And they don’t even know me. I’m standing here passing out water to teammates, and they don’t even know that they’re running for me. How can I fail when I have the whole city behind me?”

Later on, when she heard we were headed to go make empanadas for our new social enterprise, “Freedom a la cart”– she shared that she wanted to be a chef– that she had already started culinary school before her downward spiral. She asked if she could come pitch in– so of course we were glad to have the extra help! It was beautiful to be in the kitchen rolling empanada dough, dicing, chopping, and creating culinary masterpieces with the very Human Trafficking survivors we are supporting with the business!  And even a traveler from doma’s Ethiopia team was rolling dough, albeit completely jet-lagged.  (Read here about the trip and hear how the chief of the village says ‘doma was an answer to generations of prayers’).  Today the food will be served from 11am-5pm at the Spring Flea in the short north. Columbus Alive gave us a shout out here.   At one point, this courageous survivor pulled Dan aside and told him ‘You know, your wife– doma– is giving me my LIFE’.  (cue tears!)  And I say back to all of you — THANK YOU for helping doma give lives back.  We couldn’t do it without you.

We still need support for this business to be successful this summer, so contact daniel@domaconnection.org if you want to invest in this social enterprise.  And the Team Up team page is still accepting donations.   And of course, we now have our webpage for the tattoo removal– so spread the word here.  I’m sick of looking at those ugly tattoos that literally are the names of their traffickers– Yes, the name ‘Greedy’ remains on the neck of one of our ladies.  ugh.  Sickening.   But hey, at least she has her LIFE back!!

Now for my Mother’s Day lunch at the Spring Flea– this is the first year I haven’t gone out for Indian on Mother’s Day since my first baby was born 5 years ago.  Ahh– what amazing and flexible and lovely kids I have who so wonderfully put up with me bringing them around everywhere to fight slavery and the orphan cycle– from Africa & Russia to the Bloom! house, court, bowling-haha-  and sometimes even on drives downtown looking for survivors we have temporarily lost.   Many of you have heard that Jude once asked if I remember when he was a Russian orphan (?) haha.  And yesterday, the kids were make-believe playing ‘jail’.  Jude says “Lucy, we’re getting out of jail today”.   And then they gathered all their babies.

I guess that’s the hope, isn’t it?


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