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OUR VIDEO!! May 23, 2011

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Why yes, the long-awaited video from the Women’s Fund was released today!   This video highlights women who are in our Bloom! program, gets to the heart of WHY doma is serving the ladies at CATCH court– why we are journeying with and LOVING these courageous women.   Some of the content is disturbing– some is hopeful– but it completely captures the heart of WHY we do what we do.

I had the privilege of attending the Women’s Fund Goldie Hawn event with 4 amazing survivors.  And they LOVED the experience.  They were so thrilled to dress up and be among 2500 women (and a few men, including our dear Judge Herbert) whose mission is “Investing in the potential of women and girls”.   The grant we received from the women’s fund has been instrumental in helping doma organize and train all of our MANY generous volunteers for our CATCH court ladies.  Why did we decide to take 10 weeks to train people on Human Trafficking and victim interaction?  Because it’s HARD and emotionally draining and at times, counterintuitive. Because usually, when I teach Human Trafficking 101 to a group of people, they look like deer caught in the headlights when I’m done…(It’s a lot of information to process!)   So taking 10 weeks to FIGHT slavery together– including going flyering, visiting the freedom museum, reading and discussing important books, etc…  has been a critical part of doma training as we work with survivors of Human Trafficking.  And if our volunteers are trained, then they can respond appropriately to tough situations, tough questions, and surprising turn of events… We see, before our very eyes, every week— lives being restored and communities being renovated.

And as you will see, working with our ladies, there  always are these amazing stories of hope to give us strength as we press on.

Watch our video HERE!


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